Thaapo is a Marwari word which means “Mark or Impression”. Thaapo is the brainchild of Navnee Kasat. Thaapo is her story of leaving a mark wherever she wanders. As a textile artist, she focuses on creating awareness about the new inventions in textile art and wants to shift the domain of fashion. She sees beauty and freshness in fallen leaves and flowers, which she captures on the fabrics as a way of preserving their essence, colour and form. Simplicity with creativity that’s her aim.

At Thaapo, we make art which is timeless, limited and handmade. These clothes can also we worn as a piece of Art and would reduce the toxic load from our bodies. When natural dyes are used they are so much better, they are anxiety reducing in this fast moving/busy city life. It also gives an aroma therapy where the natural fragrances from the clothes balances the body and the mind.


We hope to leave an impression on YOU too!